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Vivo V11 Pro Review With Pros and Cons6 Min Read

Vivo V11 Pro Review was revealed, this smartphone comes with dual cameras on the back to do an outstanding job. The V11 Pro features a full view display of the Super AMOLED Halo. This handset comes with RAM 6 GB and ROM 64 GB and V11 Pro Price in India Rs. 17,399

Vivo V11 Pro Review With Pros and Cons

With innovations been implemented in every aspect of life, Smartphones are too, transforming their specifications at regular intervals. One such advanced Smartphone currently occupying the headlines in the tech world is the Vivo V11 Pro.

But in this crowded marketplace, you might be confused with all those available options. Which one to buy and if your purchase proves to be a valuable investment, are few of the most common questions that revolve around an average customer’s mind.

In this blog, I’m going to reveal the Vivo v11 Pro Specification and Vivo V11 Pro Pros & Cons. We want to ensure that our readers can make the right decision on whether Vivo V11 Pro is the perfect match for them. So, let’s get started.

Is Vivo V11 Pro to be considered?

It’s of little doubt that Vivo is among those most trusted mobile phone brands of the modern age Indian market.

Within a short period, this comparatively new handset maker has gradually secured its position among the Indian Smartphone users.

If you compare this Smartphone brand with the top dealers in the market, the results might not be miraculous enough to declare Vivo as the winner.

Nevertheless, among its standards, there’s hardly any brand that can compete with Vivo in terms of the standards it has set. Their mobile phones consist of high-level technology but the devices are available at a much cheaper price.

For example, the previously launched Vivo X 21 has an in-display fingerprint sensor, which was a first-timer for Smartphones of its price range.

So where does ‘V11 Pro’ stand a chance in the market? Is it worthy enough for you to buy this Smartphone?

How’s the design?

In terms of design, V11 Pro is a big handset although it’s relatively lightweight, making it easy to carry in your hands. Its comparison can be made with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 since the Vivo’s avatar is a more compact set. With a large 6.4 inches display, surprisingly V11 Pro is quite manageable in public settings.

The built material is polycarbonate with a touch of glass finish, adding a sense of elegance to the product. This makes the body of the phone look stylish and sophisticated enough to inspire you to use it more often.

In short, the V11 Pro has been intended to compete with modern phones. But amidst its intentions of being a modern phone, the presence of the old school USB port makes the product stand out of its peers.

Display Features

The phone is equipped with a 6.4 inch AMOLED high-quality display that supports full HD resolution. Colors tend to pop amazingly on the screen without any feel of oversaturation.

The contrast is yet another quality to be amazed at, thanks to the AMOLED. At this price point, the screen is way ahead of its time and certainly will make your experience worth remembering.

If you find the colors to be too bright, you always have the option to adjust the temperature through the phone’s settings. The presence of ‘eye protection’ mode is a plus point that eases your reading experience.

Additionally, the outdoor display qualities of this particular handset are worth praising.

Innovation in Phone Unlocking Technology

What makes Vivo V11 Pro’s unlocking feature different than all other available Smartphone brands is that Vivo has a perfectly combined fingerprint sensor and facial unlocking features together.

As per the company’s communication, its fourth-generation in-display fingerprint sensor works faster than all of its previous sensors and seems to be more reliable. This ensures that the sensor’s performance shall be more accurate and consistent.

Besides, the face unlock system is aided by the IR laser, which makes the performance much faster and accurate.

What’s more interesting is that if you are not comfortable with using both the unlocking features simultaneously, you can change the settings and opt for any one of them. To add more to the device’s credibility, the face unlocks feature works perfectly alright under low light conditions.

Software and Performance

Vivo V11 Pro runs on 2.2 GHz octa-core Snapdragon 660, which makes the phone run smoother than butter.

Whether you wish to play high-end games, your phone wouldn’t restrict you from achieving a chicken dinner.

The phone is intended to support multitasking on a daily basis without hampering its performance. With a whopping 6 GB RAM under its belt, the phone perfectly works in a regular setting and you can use your smartphone for pretty much any heavy task under the Sun.

V11 Pro is powered by Android 8.1 Oreo OS and perfectly supports Dual 4G VoLTE. For the 64 GB variant, you get about 50 GB of free storage space with a dedicated card slot available for expansion.

Camera Quality and Features

A Smartphone isn’t complete without a camera and the Vivo V11 Pro has the same one that the company had previously used in its X21 set. However, the good news is that the camera performance has improved to a large extent in V11 Pro.

In fact, if similar Smartphones are compared within the same price range of V11, the V11’s camera certainly wins the race. The 12MP rear camera comes with an f/1.8 aperture lens, large size pixels, and PDAF.

This is the primary camera that we are talking about. There is also a 5MP depth sensor that has an f/2.4 aperture lens. In addition, a selfie camera of 25MP has been added to the front of the mobile phone. It’s time to click some amazing photographs from scratch.

Battery Life

The 3400mAh battery has a decent backup and enables you to work on the phone for a longer period. There’s nothing to panic about dying battery, as your charge is effectively handled by V11.

Even on a busy day with heavy phone usage, you can expect your phone’s battery to at least have 20% of charge when you hit the bed. After considering all the features, we must recommend you buying this particular Smartphone if you are seeking optimum performance and high-end specifications.

Vivo V11 Pro Review Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful Design
  • Camera Is Pretty Impressive
  • Dual 4G VoLTE
  • Camera Performance is Very Amazing
  • Dedicated Card Slot
  • Fast Face Unlock
  • In-display Fingerprint Sensor


  • No USB Type-C Port
  • Software Design Needs Work


The Vivo V11 Pro is beautiful, powerful, and the quality of the camera is pretty impressive. The cost of Vivo V11 Pro in India is Rs. 17,399. The price looks really good given the unique look and the impressive quality of the camera.


Vivo V11 Pro Review With Pros and Cons

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