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13 Video Websites You Need to Know About5 Min Read

According to a recent research report’s data interpretation, video content is going to rule the internet within the next few years. But till then where can you find videos that worth your time?

13 video websites you need to know about

Video content is not only an amazing way to learn new things but also provides a lot more insights with better detailing. There are more fans of video content than the actual number of sites providing the same. But there’s not much to worry about.

13 video websites that you should add a bookmark on your browser. These websites are the perfect platform for you to learn various tricks and get to know the industry news. Some of them also offer amazing discounts on selected products.

You might want to check them out real quick. Let’s get started.

#1 Adorama

Adorama is counted among the biggest retailers of video equipment. The brand has effectively utilized its online presence in order to display its massive inventory. Not only that, but the website also offers several lucrative deals on refurbished equipment and also features some of the brands, exclusively available on their platform. You can get hold of high-quality video equipment at a much lesser price as compared to similar products made available by bigger brands.

#2 Videomaker

Videomaker is among the oldest video sites in the market. Over the years, they have been providing original news for the video industry. Additionally, they also facilitate an environment that aims to improve the video-making skills of all people. Videomaker never lets anyone return empty-handed. Whether you are a professional videographer or an amateur filmmaker, you can always learn something from them. The website covers a wide array of topics including press releases and product reviews. You might want to pay a visit to this legendary website.

Premium Beat

Video makers can’t avoid the usage of music. In many ways, adding music to a video enhances its quality and often adds some feel to it. Premium Beat provides a colossal library consisting of royalty-free, high-quality musical tracks available at affordable prices. They also publish a video blog, which happens to be among the most read in the world.

Audio Jungle

Audio Jungle is the main competitor of Premium Beat, which also provides a massive library of stock music. Among the thousands of similar sites available, Audio Jungle delivers high definition music at reasonable prices. Besides, their platform’s interface is extremely easy to use.

Pro Video Coalition

Pro Video Coalition is the delight for professional video artists. This particular platform provides all the professional equipment needed to produce great quality videos. The website also allows users to implement several professional techniques for making their work much better. Although the website provides ultimate value to professional artists, there is a lot to gain for amateurs as well. They share a massive pool of information that will enable you to take ultimate photos through your iPhone and drones.

No Film School

If you are seeking a platform to access news content related to the video industry along with reviews of amazing products of the niche as well as top industry insights, look no further than the No Film School. They publish valuable video content on a regular basis and publish great quality written content as well in order to bring vital information to the table. The website gives you access to renowned industry professionals and all the equipment you require to generate high-quality content.

Red Shark News

Red Shark News happens to one of the rich resources for video content including product reviews, news, and many more. Along with the videos, they constantly publish lighthearted articles with a sense of humor embedded into the content. The main motto of the website is to serve the video enthusiasts by feeding them with their unquenchable thirst for video content. If you love to consume video content, consider putting Red Shark News in your bookmark list.

Studio Daily

Studio daily is a regular publisher of news and product reviews; everything related to video production. They also post numerous high-quality job postings, host webinars, etc. If you are among the independent video producers, you should better monitor this website regularly.

B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video is a megastore based in NYC. Over the years, its web presence has taken over the reign from its physical store. The website houses massive collections of both new and used inventory, and a wide range of products. Additionally, they also publish a state-of-the-art product blog. This particular website should be on top of your list.

Rampant Design Tools

Rampant Design Tools offers high-quality studio-grade ‘drag and drop’ video effects. Additionally, they also provide free training on certain topics and publish a blog for helping amateur video artists to transform their practical video effects implementation experience to an entirely new level.

Ground Control

No matter which device you use to shoot your videos; be it an iPhone or a GoPro, the importance of LUTs (Look Up Tables) for adding a consistent feel to your final video is unavoidable. Gone are the days when LUTs were reserved for professional artists only. Ground Control has changed the scenario by introducing a huge range of professional LUTs at an affordable price range. These are applicable for most cameras, editing suite and all motion graphic applications.


It takes an entire lifetime for some people to get hold of high-end videos to work with. After all, it’s not natural for everyone to work on videos shot using a RED camera. However, EditStock.com has created an ecosystem that enables the less fortunate people like us to practice editing on high-quality footages shot on special cameras.


Wipster is generally an expert in Video reviews. They have recently added some tools to their website for adding value to their web presence. This includes a blog, which reports on a wide variety of subjects. Their website is the perfect destination for those who wish to learn editing, shooting, and operating a video-based business.

13 Video Websites You Need to Know About

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