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Best Knowledge Base Management Software In 20208 Min Read

There are many Knowledge base software’s in the market. It is very confusing to choose the best one for your website or business.
Every website needs different tools of software depends upon the requirements. To help you in choosing the suitable software for your website and save you money and time;
In this post i’m sharing comprehensive guide to find the top 20 knowledge base management software that suits for your business.
Either it’s your SaaS startup or single product website, this list will help everyone to build up their business.

Top Knowledge Base Management Software:

It is the collection of all kinds of software-related questions and answers, quires raised by the users. Also, it documented all types of services and products, give guidance to the user.

Features of Knowledge Base Management Software:-

Search Function:

Users always find solutions to problems in search bar through articles and content on you. So, the guidance of your software must be available on the search bar.
Make your knowledge base management software as much as simple and organized so the user can easily browse it and get updated on your new guidance.
When you think to share your Knowledge through your article it includes all kinds of files, pdf, videos. For this, your post must support the file attachment. So, you can easily attach a file to your articles.
Analysis and report always help you to find which knowledge base is the best use for your website.

20 Best Knowledge Base Management Software:

#1. HubSpot Knowledge Base Software:

HubSpot is the best knowledge base software for the business. It’s easily connected with marketing teams as well as customers through emails, live chat, and knowledge base. It supports optimizing the services provided by the company.
It also helps in organize customer feedback and meet their expectations on time. Knowledge base software makes the process easier to give solutions to customers with lower resource cost.

#2. Zohodesk Knowledge Base Software:

Zohodesk is the support system of Zoho and it comes with a few advanced solutions to empower the Zoho strategy. It is inexpensive but with delivering services to unified customers.
It provides all services as others give but the advanced services are wholly exclusive.
Zohodesk knowledge Base Management Software is properly the time management system by giving customers end to end solutions.

#3. Document360 Knowledge Base Management Software:

Document 360 is a very friendly startup process. Its tools support both content creator and customer representatives.
Document360 Knowledge Base Management Software

Document360 Knowledge Base Management Software

The cloud base document system includes ‘easy to use drop-down editor, which is essential for a user interface to make both private and public knowledge base.

#4. LiveAgent Knowledge Base Management Software:

LiveAgent is a multi-feature help desk with live chat software. All types of companies and industries can use this software.
It offers 179 help desk and 150 million users worldwide.it can easily access by customers.

#5. HelpJuice Knowledge Base Software:

HelpJuice is a popular SaaS tool and best among the knowledge base. It targets the big team companies.
Helpjuice Knowledge Base Management Software

Helpjuice Knowledge Base Management Software

Best part of this software is the high customer support system, the response to its customers within 5mins. It customizes the knowledge base fast and easy.

#6. ProProfs Knowledge Base Software:

Proprofs knowledge base is very trustworthy and popular for its unique features and smart setting system. It helps in a knowledge base, documentation, FAQs, and much more.
It helps you in all aspects that start from content and ends after the content published.
In this knowledge base software, you don’t require to have HTML and coding skills. It also has a feature to integrate tools like Zen desk, Google Analytics, etc.

#7. Flowlu Knowledge Base Software:

Flowlu is not only the knowledge base software but also give views on companies’ daily base activities.
It helps in creating ideas and converting the ideas into the task immediately.
Users can track all activities like customer invoices and overall costs, task management, online invoices, project management.

#8. Archbee Knowledge Base Management Software:

Archbee gives an all-in-one solution to the users. I help in create, edit, share and navigate the knowledge base.
It is very inexpensive. You can get all the features, 1 domain slot, 1 public space, 1 workspace, and 10 members with white label capabilities for$59/lifetime.
You can create all the documentation, wikis and meetings also in a single knowledge base with the same interface.

#9. XenoApp Knowledge Base Management Software:

Xeno is the live support app which also gives a feature like predefined response that link directly to your knowledge base. Now, you can answer all queries raised by the customers within 2 clicks.
Every one of the companies should give one type of solution to its customers, it is more reliable and increases customer satisfaction also.
Xeno knowledge base software helps you to answer all the questions with the same line.

#10. Intelligence Bank Knowledge Base Software:

This software mostly used for online documentation, database customization, workflow management and many more. It is designed by Intelligence Bank Private Limited.
Intelligence bank makes workflow easy for the team by sharing the data. Also, make the process easy for the audit trail.

#11. Help Crunch Knowledge Base Software:

Help Crunch is an all in one customer service system. With the knowledge base, it also helps in pop-ups, email marketing. It is very simple, modern and convenient to use.
It can create a knowledge base article through a text editor. Articles also divided into different categories to easily accessible by users. Here, all contents are looked into in a published version. You can also update SEO details in every article for better understanding.

#12. ComAround Knowledge Base Software:

ComAround Knowledge is built upon the latest Microsoft Azur technology and it is compelling AI-Powered Knowledge which reason behind success over the various organization.
It gives a proper solution to the problems, reduce the cost of the company, easily identify duplicate content, edit and publish the content, also give a satisfying answer to customers.

#13. Inkling Knowledge Base Management Software:

Inkling knowledge helps you in finding the right information, create unique content, storage and publish.
It gives multiple services like someone can use can access information while offline. It also shows the improvement area and give essential information to change knowledge base content when required.

#14. Help Care knowledge Base Software:

Help care can be sued by both staff and customers as well. It can create content in any language. The team who using this knowledge base can control who can access the knowledge base.
There is option of private docs in Help Care Knowledge. In this you can privately share your docs only those groups whom you allow to see it.
The content will be auto-saved and saved in draft. Its price is $10/agent/month.

#15. Freshdesk Knowledge Base Management Software:

Fresh desk is noted for powerful features and robust user interference. Customers can access information anytime and anywhere they need.
It can translate your content into different languages to reach globally and used by every customer. It can be found out easily in SEO.

#16. Tettra Knowledge Base Software:

Tettra helps in the growth of productivity which results in the growth of the company. It can be easily edited and auto-create pages to use templates.
You can use it privately only authorized persons can access it.

#17. HelpScout Knowledge Base Software:

HelpScout have very powerful feature that customer can easily create business what they love to start.
The powerful editor can eaily search, create, edit and publish the content. Only configure SEO can optimize your content to search.
It contains a CSS feature. So, customers can easily access information anytime anywhere using any device.

#18. ServiceNow Knowledge Management:

ServiceNow knowledge designed to experience best customer satisfaction. It quickly turns traditional way knowledge management into digital workflow, so the customer can easily get information.
Provide the most accurate article on time to the customer. It is very easy to search in SEO and only give relevant answers to customers.
It also needs customer feedback after using it. It collects feedback and improve the knowledge base in case of requirement.

#19. Bloomfire Knowledge Base Software:

Bloomfire provides an AI-powered solution to give steller experience. It gives the right information right time and easily search in SEO.
It publish all chat, videos, images to reach the customers. It identifies the area of improvement in content and once improved then only you can publish it. it costs around $25/user/month.

#20. Bitrix24 Knowledge Base Software:

Bitrix24 is used globally. It is available in the cloud as well in on-premises.
It has a structured way of organizing the data in different sections.
Bitrix has a unique otion to delete the content easily. It can create, write, delete and the content.
It seems like in every business has required knowledge base and live chat. Other features of documentations are also required depending on your website requirements.
So, choose wisely which software can best suits for your website.
I hope this post will help you to find best knowledge base software for business or website.

Best Knowledge Base Management Software In 2020

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