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The best thing to remember is that it’s not feasible to make money with blogging by placing up your site and allowing it to sit there. The mentality of “if you build it, it’ll come” doesn’t perform here, so be sure you’re prepared to put it in time. Remember these little tips before you dive too deep into blogging:

Create Quality Content

If people don’t read it, you won’t make any money from your blog. After all, your readers are the ones who will make you money, whether they click on your advertisements or buy your products. Always first place your readers.

Don’t Spend Your Time Exclusively on Your Blog

It has a lot to do with constructing relationships to develop a good blog. This may include sponsoring partnerships, affiliate associates, or just other bloggers that will guide traffic to your blog. Make sure you spend some of your time building these interactions and your blog on forums and other websites (or whatever works for you).

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Not all of these revenue tips and avenues will work for you. Don’t worry about tweaking your techniques in order to see what works best for you and your readers.

Making money blogging can take a lot of persistence, but if you start from scratch, it can pay off in the long run. Just remember that all these money-making avenues don’t have to be used at once. Consider what other individuals are doing in your sector, and begin from there.

Try the following strategies for monetization and enjoy earning

Blogging for money is no longer especially hard. You don’t have to be popular or have huge traffic (although how much money you make from your blog depends on these two factors to some extent). You can make cash blogging if you can come up with precious or enjoyable content. Start using one or more of these seven concepts to make cash from your blog.

#1. Using advertising programs:

These are more choices for blogging for cash advertising programs than ever before. Here are just four ways to make cash from your blog by placing advertisements on your websites:

  • Google’s AdSense
  • Blog Ads

#2. Using affiliate programs.

A business agrees to pay you a commission with affiliate marketing to help sell their products. Visitors see the company’s ad on your web pages and you will be paid if they click through to the company’s website and do something.

The specific thing that the visitor has to do is vary; some affiliate programs pay per click (PPC) while others pay per lead or even per sale. These are four of the largest (and most established) affiliate programs on the ‘ Net that can be used for cash blogging:

  • Amazon
  • Linkshare
  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction

#3. Get hired by a company.

Many companies would love blogging, but just don’t have anybody on employees at the moment who has the time and talent to put together a blog and maintain it running. You might be the solution in the process and make cash from a blog.

The trick to land such a gig is to find the companies that want/need the services and persuade them to be the blogger they need; diligent study and some cold calling are likely to be required unless you already have a high profile and a track record that will take the companies calling.

#4. Get company sponsorship.

Blog sponsorship is an increasing trend as more companies recognize blogging popularity and prospective blogger’s marketing reach. Company sponsorship deals seem to range from clear “advertising” websites that focus squarely on the product(s) of a company by adding the name, logo, and brand of a company to a current website (“sponsored by…”).

The primary issue with making cash this way is that to attract sponsorship you must already be known (and have enough traffic).

#5. Freelance blogging to earn money.

Blog networks seem to spring up throughout the internet, some of which are looking for individuals to write blogs and are prepared to pay for them. Payment models vary, but the most common appears to be a fixed monthly payment in exchange for a given number of blog posts.

#6. Write a blog to advertise a specific product/service.

Blogs quickly become a trendy solution to the traditional sales letter site. The format is the only real change in this case; the message is the same. The pitch is typically woven into as many blog posts as possible-or even used a tagline for each blog post.

#7. Selling intellectual property through your blogs, such as Ebooks, telecourse or consultancy services.

This concept is strongly associated with your blog’s prior concept of making cash. The difference is that in this case, the intellectual property you sell is only part of or incidental to the blog you’re writing; it’s not the blog’s reason d’etre. For example, you may have a beekeeping blog and sell an ebook on how to construct a mason bee house on your websites.

Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads

By putting advertisements on their site, one of the most popular ways bloggers make money. There are two kinds of advertisements that are common:

CPC/PPC Ads: Cost per click (also known as pay per click) advertisements are generally banners in your content or sidebar. You are paid for that button every moment a reader clicks on the ad.

CPM Ads: CPM advertisements are advertisements that pay you a set quantity of money depending on how many individuals view your advertisement.

Perhaps Google AdSense is the most common network to place these kinds of advertisements. You don’t need to be in direct contact with advertisers with this program; you just position the banner on your page, Google selects content-relevant advertisements, and your spectators click on the advertisements.



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