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How to Become an Amazon Seller Step by Step8 Min Read

Want to start a profitable side business, hustling to selling products. Do you want to become your boss, selling on Amazon?

Become a successful prime seller on Amazon India? In this post, I’m going to share how to become a successful Amazon seller. This beginner’s guide to becoming a seller on Amazon will show you how to start selling on Amazon and make sales and scale your business.

E-commerce is the future of the global economy. The present scenario is suggesting that e-commerce has already been able to achieve a lot of accomplishments that the traditional trading environment took hundreds of years to do.

Just imagine, it took hundreds of years to transform the barter economy into an economy where things are traded for money and it took a further hundred years to bring a massive change that introduced the concept of supermarkets.

Become an Amazon Seller – You Need to Know!

In contrast, Amazon was started in the ’90s and within 20 years old; it has transformed the e-commerce sector.

Today more websites are coming into space but frankly speaking, none of them can compete with the likes of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon had put a groundbreaking concept on the table and more importantly executed the idea perfectly to make his company one of the most highly valued business organizations in the world.

How to Become a Successful  Seller on Amazon?

You will need to sign up as a seller on Amazon’s Fulfillment page to get began. You need some kind of credit/debit card and a bank account based in the US (for deposits!) and some kind of tax ID. 

Advantages to becoming an Amazon Seller:

You can advantage the traffic that comes to Amazon.in, which is 150 million people per month in just India. These are prepared for purchase by the public.

Not everyone for your item will be on the market, of course. But you’re in the top place for those who visit the site and then search for products in your niche. This can be an excellent way to reach fresh and first-time clients as stated above.

You need not worry about setting up a website for online shopping. You just fit your products into the scheme of Amazon and they can be seen by anyone visiting the site.

You can follow a business model that drops online so you just need to concentrate on encouraging and marketing and let Amazon’s systems manage orders, distribution, and so on.

Amazon is a brand that is trusted. One of the greatest obstacles any fresh internet entrepreneur faces is getting opportunities to trust them to purchase something.

there is already a built-in level of confidence when you work under the Amazon umbrella. It’s a wonderful thing to be in a location where individuals make regular purchases!

How Amazon Seller Works

How Amazon Seller Works

How Amazon Seller Works

To be a third-party vendor, you must fit into one of 20 categories. Some of the most popular categories— which are also lucrative— are clothing, healthcare, beauty goods, baby goods, jewelry, home and garden items, cell phones, electronics, etc.

Yes, you must pay a premium for Amazon’s privilege of selling. If you sell more than 40 goods a month–that’s likely your objective–you’re going to pay $39.99 a month, as well as other charges for stuff like managing your goods by Amazon staff.

You will pay 99 cents per purchase, as well as other charges if you sell less.

Of course, if you compare these fees to the traditional model of having a brick and mortar business with rent, utilities, employees, etc. there is no comparison to how inexpensive this is. In many cases, this is cheaper than renting a table at a flea market.

How To Become Prime Seller On Amazon India

This means that all your orders are “Fulfillment by Amazon”. In other words, Amazon handles the shipping, delivery, and, if need be, returns and refunds or exchanges. You don’t have to keep or manage inventory either.

You simply send your items (which you’ve bought wholesale) to one of Amazon’s many warehouses around the country. Then every time somebody orders – they receive the order and ship it out for you. As mentioned above this is just about as close to a hands-off online drop-shipping based business as you can get.

It’s a hassle-free business model that allows you to focus on marketing and increasing your take-home revenue.

Making Your Amazon Seller Business the Most Profitable It Can Be

That’s not to say that it’s all smooth sailing. Become an Amazon seller and make more sales, there are a few things to keep in mind.

10 Steps to Sell Your Product’s in Amazon and Make More Sales 2020

Step #1. Comprehensive Product Research

Once you have opened your account on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, it’s time for market research. Market research these days doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hand over posters to random people and ask for survey answers to know what’s in the mind of your audience.

Properly using technology shall help you achieve your goals in a much easier manner, that too within a relatively lesser time.

Step #2. List them Properly

You might have the greatest product in the world but you won’t become a successful Amazon seller if you don’t pay attention to the marketing aspect of selling.

People must know about your product listing, otherwise, how can you expect your products going viral? When listing products on Amazon, ensure that you pay attention to all the keywords you’re using.

Choose the relevant ones. There are many applications available over the internet that allows you to research the Amazon keywords.

Step #3. Avoid cheap Products

Do you know why most Amazon sellers aren’t successful enough? It is because they don’t understand that the price of the product they are selling has minimal impact on the buyer’s decision making. People don’t fall for cheap products anymore.

They are looking for high-quality products and they wouldn’t mind if they need to pay a little more than what they expected. Besides, selling cheaper products would ensure that you don’t make enough profits, especially if you are also running online ads.

Step #4. Invest in Ads

You probably know by now that Facebook advertisements are doing wonders for online business owners. Even Google Ads aren’t able to keep up with the performance that Facebook Ads have generated over the last few years.

Invest in Amazon Ads

Invest in Amazon Ads

There are many videos on YouTube that teach you every detail of setting up and an online ad campaign and scaling the same. Instagram’s influencer marketing is another relatively new sales avenue that you might want to try.

Step #5. Use good quality Photos

The most effective way to grab the attention of your target audience is to use HD photos for your product display. You probably understand the importance of a great photo in grabbing the eyeballs of an internet surfer.

Use high-quality images and if possible use original photos that you click. Using stock images will make the listing appear spammy and on top of that, Google often won’t entertain the use of free stock images and that can impact your search results.

Step #6. Build Customer Relations

In e-commerce, trust is the almost necessary factor to ensure that someone buys your product and more importantly comes back to you every time he wants something.

Build Customer Relations

Build Customer Relations

Trust takes time to build and when you’re an online seller, you need to put in some extra efforts.

Doing things as simple as following up with your customers and answering their queries as quickly as possible and sending them less marketing emails are some real ways of building trust.

Step #7. Look after your Business

The only way to prosper as an Amazon seller is to pay attention to your business needs and invest the money you earn as a profit back into your business. It’s a no brainer to understand that every effort you put in pays back double the amount.

Step #8. Expand when Necessary

A common mistake that online sellers make is that they stay content with their growth and slowly their business sinks into the abyss. Don’t be that kind of a seller. Know when to expand and do it when the time comes. Don’t let a second thought distract you.

Step #9. Scale! Scale! Scale!

Here comes the most important thing you should remember no matter what the situation is. If you’re selling 10 products and 3 of them are selling like hotcakes while the others are sinking, focus on pushing your best sellers more than usual until the market becomes saturated.

Have you heard about the ‘80:20’ rule? The rule states that 80 percent of the results come from 20% of the work. This is when you should apply the principle to work.

Step #10. Monitor your Inventory

Although Amazon handles your inventory and looks after fulfillment, you should never lose track of your stock.

Manage Your Amazon Inventory

Manage Your Amazon Inventory

You wouldn’t want to get negative reviews from your customers just because they order an item on your store and after a few days you informed them about the unavailability of the same product.


Every seller wants to become a successful seller on Amazon India and stay ahead in terms of sales and keep their customers happy. Amazon sellers help to explore your product easily. This platform helps you to earn well. Amazon seller pays attention to your business.

As you can see, it takes a lot of work to launch a product on Amazon, but if you’re doing it right, there’s no reason why you can’t be on your manner to making good money. It requires to be approached systematically, disciplined and patient.

We hope this article will help you to become an amazon seller.

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How to Become an Amazon Seller Step by Step

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