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6 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For WordPress Websites5 Min Read

6 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For WordPress Websites

All of us want the leads and sales for our business. Most of us build a website so that we can sell our products and services and generate revenue. We need to understand one thing that there is no set formula that can be applied to get higher conversion rates. This makes it difficult to understand what changes need to be done in the WordPress website so that one can get the required sales and revenue.

Conversion rate optimisation is the course of action that one takes in order to increase the percentage of visitors who will take the required action like filling up enquiry form or purchasing the products online etc. This process has to be a systematic one. Here are some tips which can be helpful in achieving your goal of better conversion rate optimisation for the WordPress websites.

  1. First impression matters:

No matter how good your products and services are it is important to create a good first impression on your customer. This is possible only when you have a good home page which gives a good introduction of your company to the visitors. It is important to make sure that the visitors do not get confused when they see the home page. The header and the design must be attractive. The homepage must give complete clarity about what action the visitor needs to take.

  1. No confusion in the navigation menu:

The navigation menu needs to be optimised and easy. You have to make sure that the customers can browse through the different products with ease. It is also important that the customer can get the product and the services quickly. The placement of the cart icon has to be perfect. The customers must be able to see it clearly.

  1. Take care of the product pages and checkout point:

The structuring and the content of the product or the service pages have to be proper. The important elements that will convince the buyer to buy the products and services have to be included. Next focus on the checkout point. Many websites lose out on several conversions at this point. You need to focus on the payment gateway. You need to give the customer different checkout options like log in or sign up as a new customer or guest log in or sign up using your FB account etc. The checkout form has to be simple and it must also be easy to use. You also need to give customer support options. There should be clarity about the final cost, return policy, shipping charges etc. The basic idea is to develop confidence in the customer that he is making the right choice.

  1. Avoid lengthy text:

Many times people tend to have long text. Now the visitors have no time to read all these things and there are chances that they will just skip your website. The best way to communicate things to your customers is by replacing the text with videos. When a customer comes to your website he is interested in knowing quickly about the offers and the products and services that the company offers. Instead of using long content, if you have videos which explain everything in a lucid manner then the chances of the visitor getting converted into a customer will be better.

  1. Use split testing:

Split testing or A/B testing can help in improving the conversion ratio. In A/B testing you compare two versions of a marketing asset like webpage or email etc. Here you will have only one varying element. You have to prepare two variations and then present one variation one set of visitors and other variation to the other set of visitors. Now this will help you understand which version was more popular. You can get these details by checking factors like time spent by the customer on the pages, conversion rate etc. This testing method is one of the best ways to understand what elements are working for you. You also get an idea about what changes will have a major impact on the conversion rates.

  1. You just cannot ignore mobile users:

Today people are more comfortable to make purchases from their mobile phones. This is a faster and easier way and they can easily access the website from anywhere and at anytime.  The desktop website is definitely important. But when you check the analytics you will realise that a large number of people are using mobiles to make online purchases. Therefore you need to make sure that your website is mobile optimised. You need to check whether your mobile traffic is getting converted at the same rate as your website traffic. The path that the customer follows from accessing your website to making the purchase has to be a simple one.

Keep in mind that end of the day the main aim of your WordPress website is to make sure that you get good sales. For this, you need to have better conversion rates. If this not happening then you need to take active steps to ensure that you get the required conversion rate.

One of the most important things that you need to take care is that ensure that visitors do not abandon the shopping cart. A large number of people leave the website right at this point and this affects the conversion rate in a big way. You have to take measures to ensure that the customer does not get confused. You can do this by keeping the process to buy the products simple. It is equally important to make sure that the customer does not get irritated. You need to have a few steps and do not ask too much unnecessary information.

Remember that with a systematic approach you can surely have the best website which helps you in generating better sales. Make use of the above tips to create a website which will surely help you get the best sales. Keep in mind one thing that customers want things on the website to be simple and to the point.



6 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For WordPress Websites

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